About Us

Who We Are

Studio Orange was established in 2014 with the goal to make video production a fun and efficient experience for Australian brands. Over the years we have produced corporate videos, social media content, explainer videos, animated content, music videos and more!

We have created content for clients across Australia. Our production process is streamlined and efficient to allow our clients to always create up to date video content. We focus on telling stories and helping clients fit these stories in their marketing strategy.

Our Services

We Tell Stories

Film Production

By telling stories through videos, brands get an opportunity to show personality. Our Film Production Services help clients create corporate stories, brand stories and other visual commonications.

Animation & Special Effects

Animation and VFX are a great way to bring a story to life. Animated Explainer videos can communicate a complex topic in a clear way, where special effects can add non-existing scenes to real life scenarios.


Television Advertising, Google Display Networking and Cinema-Advertising are common used advertising platforms. Our team of creatives brainstorms and develops concepts for larger advertising campaigns.